Elvis Presley Quiz

Quiz About Elvis Presley

On this quiz site, we have collected a few easy to hard questions about Elvis Presley.
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Elvis Presley Quiz

How Well Do You Know Elvis Presley

  1. When did Elvis Presley die?

  2. When was Elvis Presley born?

  3. Where did Elvis Presley die??

  4. Where was Elvis Presley born?

  5. In which film Ann-Margret was Elvis Presley’s co-star?

  6. Make Easy Money
  7. What was Elvis Presley’s middle name?

  8. How may Grammy Awards did Elvis Presley win?

  9. When did Elvis Presley buy Graceland?

  10. What was Elvis Presley’s first film as an actor?

  11. Who was Elvis Presley’s co-star in Girl Happy?

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