Free Business Start Ups

As part of our Free Money Now series on making extra money online or offline. We have built a page just for our free business start up guide and have included a link to this guide.

The link to the free online course that I will provide has 12 important lessons about entrepreneurship from Guy Kawasaki. You will learn lesson like the following

(1) What is the most important factor when hiring people that you should know when starting up your business

(2) What are the steps to defining a business model

(3) You will learn the benefits and drawbacks of bootstrapping and venture capital.

(4) How to find "evangelists" and "soul mates"

(5) The lessons one should learn before becoming a entrepreneur or venture capitalist.

(6) Why you should write a mantra as opposed to a mission statement

(7) Learn ways to make meaning in your company

(8) What are barriers to action and how to get going

(9) Learn the theory that an entrepreneur will need to know about marketing

(10) Learn about the art of pitching

(11) Understand the three ways Kawasaki recommends to approach sales

(12) What are some of the business qualities that Kawasaki believes entrepreneurs and everyone else should have

Here is the link for the Free Business Start Up Guide

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