Free Tools For Business Start Ups

  As a added bonus for visiting our Make Extra Money Business Guide page, we provide for you our complete list of free tools to help you save money! When you save money, you also make money, free money that is!

Free Tools For Webmasters

  1.   A free online logo generator that anyone can use to create a great logo in minutes is Flaming Text

  2.   A free graphics generator for web pages and anywhere else you need an impressive logo without a lot of design work.Cool Text

  3.   This free Keyword Finder provides a great long tail keyword research for SEO (search engine optimization) and SEM (search engine marketing). Just type in your keyword and this free tool will locate all such similar keywords for you within no time.

  4.    HTML Color Picker Use the online image color picker right to select a color and get the html Color Code.

  5.   Need to check your websites and or blogs for "dead" (broken) links, then this is the tool to use, Broken Link Checker Checks your websites and blogs for dead (broken) links

  6. Free Tools For Writers

  7.   Free Ebook Cover Creator:
    To use this free tool, simply select your desired product, upload an image of your product cover and the cover creator will do the rest. If you don’t have a cover yet then you will have the option to create one using our simple software

  8. Google Trends:
    Discover trends and see if the subject you are thinking of writing about is taking off or fading into obscurity.

  9.   Content Idea Generator:
    A writing tool for when you’re stuck staring at a blank page. Simply enter a topic and it will suggest a title, and provide some resources for further reading..

  10.   Blog Topic Generator:
    Another tool to help when you’ve got writer’s block. Add three nouns to this tool and this tool will return 5 blog headline ideas.

  11.   FAQ Fox:
    Find questions your target demographic is talking about online. With just a few clicks, this tool will provide you with the framework for: (a) High-value blog posts
    (b) Social media content that users actually care about
    (c) Impressive, data-drive media
    (d) Viral content marketing resources

    How to use this tool is simple, just put the keyword that you are looking for, then pick a category of starter sites to search, or you can insert your own

  12.    Headline Analyzer:
    Emotional Marketing Value Headline Analyzer.

    This is another easy to use tool. All that you have to do is paste your headline in the text area. Then select the type of business or industry that this headline belongs to.

  13.    Headline Analyzer #2:
    Write Headlines That Drive Traffic, Shares, And Search Results.

  14.   If you are overusing the same words, head over to to find alternatives.

  15.    A great free guide to content marketing, can be found at .

  16. Free Tools For YouTube Video Makers

  17.    Youtube Keyword Tool - Free Keywords Research

  18. Free Tools For Social Media

  19.   Capture more eyeballs with your messages and get even more likes, comments, shares, and clicks. Optimize your messages according to best practices and real data! Social Media Optimizer

    Domain Appraisals

    Do you need to your domain appraised or interested in buying a established domain and need to research it?






  26.    Appraisal guide that will help you appraise the value of a domain, Domain Appraisal Guide

  27.   Check how much your Facebook Page and Likes are worth with the Facebook Page Worth check. Enter your Facebook page url or page ID to see it's value.

  28.   Moz Rank Checker

  29.   Looking for a chance for a Free Domains? Note, because only members can post, you have to sign up on this forum (yes it free to join) and keep an eye on the thread!

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