Top Secret Guide
To Getting More Referrals

  As part of our series on "How To Make Free Money Now." We have added this helpful, new page. This page is a complete guide on how to exactly get more affiliates and will be updated regularly.

  In order to make we this page successful, (a) we researched different sites, (b) did tests using our own money, (c) collected the results of our tests and then (d) listed the top 5 best sources of traffic for generating referrals for your affiliate program starting with the best one first.

  We, also have included instructions on how to setup campaigns with these different sites. Some of these campaign will cost money but it takes a little money to make more money especially a passive income!

  Some of these traffic sources are free, while others require you to pay for clicks (visits to your site and or your affiliate offers).

  Our research, that was done over a month have shown that it is possible to get referrals for less than $0.20 (twenty cents) per affiliate!

Great Paying Survey Site

  If you are struggling to generate money online because you might be living in a country where there are not many offers for, why not refer others and let them do the work for you while you sit back and earn commission for life. All the sites listed here are free to join.

  Below is our special guide on the best recommended traffic sources for getting referrals, that we have found through our research.

  Some are free while others cost money, but combining them all together will help sky rocket your referral earnings so you can earn income for life without doing anything!

  Let other's do the work for you! Remember, every referral that you sign up works for you! You get a cut of their earnings! The more referrals the better your payout will be!

  Our referral earning paid for all our online expenses (advertising, hosting, etc). Now that you understand the power of the referral program, below are the best places to get traffic!


Get Paid To Visit Sites

  Our first recommendation is a heavily trafficked, PTC (Pay To Click) advertising exchange site where members get paid to click on ads (hopefully your ads) for either 3 seconds, 5 seconds, 15 seconds, 30 seconds or 60 seconds.

  For the amount of traffic, that you get when you advertise there. It is worth the money, every visit can be a potential sign up or sale!

  Visits (AKA advertisement exposure) the range from $0.001 to $0.02 per click depending on how much you credit your account (you can add funds using Paypal or use money credited that you have earned on the site with) and what countries that you targeted.

  This is by far the best traffic source for getting referrals to the site that you are promoting and you will be able to get referrals for as little as $0.20 each!

  To start a campaign, click on the following free signup link (Clix )

  Go to the "Advertise" tab located in the main menu.

  Then add funds to your account.

  Create an ad using your site and or affiliate link.

  Occasionally, sign in and check your stats. Check your site links from time to time to ensure they are still working.


  Our second suggestion is another popular PTC (Pay To Click) advertising exchange site and very similar to our first selection. Advertising prices for "click per visit" prices range from $0.001 to $0.02 per click. The ads prices depending on how much you credit (add funds to) your account with and what countries you target.

  To start a campaign, click on this signup link (Neo )

  Under Settings in the side menu, click on Advertisements then click on Purchase More Clicks.

  Add funds to your account

  Create an ad using your referral link.

  Occasionally, sign in and check your stats. Check your site links from time to time to ensure they are still working.

Easy Hits

The Best Traffic Exchange
#Cheaps Ads Great Traffic

Our third recommended suggested site is a 1:1 traffic exchange. A traffic exchange is a website which will send visitors to your websites, referral or affiliate links. This traffic exchange works on a credit based system where you will earn 1 credit for viewing a website. In return you will have to visit websites of other members.

   Now, it will take awhile for you to build up credits, but there is the option that we have used.
That is buying visits.
If you do decide to buy visits and use the sites, you will get bonus after viewing certain number of websites (once after 25, 50, 75, 100, 150, 200 and so on so on). The bonuses include:
(a)Additional Credits
(b)Additional text ad impressions
(c)Additional Banner ad impressions

Check your site links from time to time to ensure they are still working.


  Facebook is a great place to get free referrals from by messaging your friends and sending them your referral link, posting in groups or on large pages. We found the best way to get referrals is by creating a public event and inviting all of your friends to the event. Below is a step by step guide on how to do this.

  Inside of Facebook, click "Events" in the left menu, click "Create" in the top right, and set it to "Public". Fill in the event name as "Easy Ways to Make Extra Money".

  Type in the description about how your program (site) works and all of the features and things people can do to earn money. Include your referral link at the end to get people to sign up through it. Invite as many friends as you can to this event.


  Twitter is another great free place to get referrals, but not by posting on your profile like you normally would. There are special ways that have proven to work much better than this. Follow the guide below to learn how.

  Do a search on any of the keywords that are related to the niche that you are promoting. This will show you which people are talking about your niche.

  This will list all people who recently posted about these services. These are the best quality referrals because these people understand how to use services like getting affiliates much easier.

  Type in the description about how your sites works and all of the features and things people can do to earn money. Reply to their tweets telling them about your site and include your referral link in there. Do not post more than 5 links per minute, otherwise Twitter will block you from posting links due to SPAM.

  More Secret Twitter Tips a few more tips and suggestions to help you out excelling using Twitter as a affiliate tool.


  (1) Digital Point   (2) Warrior Forums   (3) Money Maker Group Forums   (4) MoneyFanClub Forums

  These are some of the largest Make Money Online forums in the world, and they are free to join and post.

  Go to each of the forums links above and sign up for a free account.

  Search through the forums to find their free advertising section or where to post reviews about new services ( make sure you post in the right sections otherwise some of these forums will ban you! )

  Post a review about your site that you are promoting and give solid reasons that explain why people should join, and make sure to include your link.

  Answer anyone's questions that are posted on your thread, that may come up in the forum.

  Repeat this process for each forum, and post a new thread each week.

  It's recommended you only post about 1 feature about your site, each time, so that each of your threads are unique to help ensure you are not spamming the forums. You sure don't need a online reputation as a spammer!

  For example, some forum thread titles can be : "How To Make Money From ( Insert Site )",
"Look How Much I Made From ( Insert Site )", etc etc.

  For some forum threads ideas visit (Fun Forum Threads To Start)

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