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Earn Extra Money By Making Candles

    Candles are beautiful. They have been used in the past when there were no electric lights.

    However, even though we have electricity, there is still heavy demand of candles.

    Candles are very intriguing to people especially on Birthdays, Christmas and on other special events.

    There are different types of candles that are available to buy!

    These candles come in different shapes, fragrances and in different colors.

    Making Candles:

    Candle making is a very interesting and relaxing work and it feels wonderful to touch wax and mold it into a specific shape.

    There are many videos on YouTube that can train you step by step.

    But practicing by yourself is more worthful.

    You can also buy books from market or enroll yourself in a candle making course (see resources).

    If you are looking for helpful classes then craftsy.com is a good place for you.

    Making Candles Professionally

    If you are really interested in candle making you can turn your candle making hobby into a business and can earn a lot of money.

    All you have to spend the time and effort to master candle making.

    You need good skills to make candles of different kinds.

    You can sell them throughout the year and your business will boost up during Christmas.

    The demand of candles is increasing year by year.

    Manufacturer surveys reveal that 90% of all candles are purchased by women.

    The candle industry has been growing so fast for seven years.

    It is estimated about $3.2 Billion annually in US.

    The most important things affecting candle sales are scent, color, cost and shape.

    Consumers are purchasing candles with the notion of decorating their houses.

    Let’s Earn money, How You Will Get Started

    Prior to everything you must have skills.

    As discussed above there is a huge demand candles that come in different fragrance/scent.

    You should have all material at your home.

    In the beginning you should pick one or two types of candle that you would like to make.

    Always start from an easier choice.

    Other important things to note is to select a wax to work with.

    There are different groups of waxes are available in market based on melting point, smell and many other factors.

    Having finished all these! Now it is time to show your candle to world.

    Having no idea how to do that? Ok Let me make this easy for you.

    There are many websites online where you can sell. For instance, eBay, Etsy, Amazon are these websites.

    Moreover, you can also host your business by making a page on Facebook and then advertise it on Facebook.

    But for this you need a deep knowledge of ad making, marketing otherwise it will be money and time wasting.

    Most important things to consider you should have creativity. You viewers demand new looks/designs.

    In my opinion Amazon, eBay and Etsy.com are best for starting as a beginner.

    Final Thoughts

    Although it might be hard and challenging work to start but besides that, it is very interesting.

    Whole deal of making your own candles and making money from your handiwork is a great fun.

    Selling your own hand made candles can be a profitable business.

    You need a good practice to start.

    Start watching YouTube videos (see resources) on making candles for now.

    It will help you and create many good ideas.

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