How to Make
Money Using Fiverr

The following suggestions and tips for how to use and make free money online from Fiver is courtesy of your Free Extra Money Now site.

(Q) Is it possible to make free extra money from Fiverr?
(A)  Yes, it is possible to make cash online from fiverr!

  Fiver is a global online community that provides different tasks and services, beginning at a cost of $5(US) per job performed, (charging five dollars start is how the site got its name).

  The site is primarily used by freelancers, (A freelancer is self-employed person offering services, usually to multiple clients at a time. A freelancer operates as his own boss) who uses Fiverr to offer their unique services to customers worldwide.

Making Money At Fiverr

  Can you make free extra money at The answer, really depends of you (your skills and your commitment to success) but basically "yes, you can make money at

  We have gathered the best tips and suggestions from the big time successful money makers at fiver.

  The first step after signing up is take a look around the site and check out some of the GIGS (work for hire) that are available on the site. There are some real interesting jobs being done, that range from drawing to SEO work, these same gigs are making a good monthly income for the good sellers.

  WE have found the best way to duplicate a successful person is to study their techniques and copy them and adapt them to your needs! Do not infringe on any copyright legal issues.

  Study why they are successful and buy their GIG to see what they offer.

  Then make a similar GIG yourself and see if you can promote something that could be of interest to others also.

  Starting off will be a struggle but once you get your GIG out there and make some cash it will motivate you to make more and eventually you will hit the right one that produces income for you as well.

Making Money Tips And Suggestions

  The best suggestion is to make the title of your gig similar like what you might search if you are the buyer on the site.

  Include a professional looking photo that describes what you do as your primary showcase image.

  (Okay this tip is kinda "grey-hat" but it works. If you do decide to do it, don’t do this in 1 day)
If possible ask your friends to buy 3–5 gigs from your account.

  Just offer more than what other people offer for $5. But don’t offer too much, by offering too much, this will make your gig look like a fraud and untrustable.

  Be friendly with your clients and do as much revisions possible for them, so they will give you nice, long and trustful review for your gig which helps you a lot in future sales (Even I got $50+ tips from few clients).

  Try these suggestions and good luck with making a little extra money online from Fiverr!

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