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Did you know that you can make free money now just by letting your computer mine bit coins?

Well, now you do! has spent hours researching the best and safest way to make easy money from mining cryptocurrency!
A few of the sites,we researched were bad (added viruses etc) and can potentially damage your computer.
But, we did find one very reliable site that passed all of our security tests. Please, continue reading to find out more!

Making Free Money From Bit Coin Mining Doesn't Have To Be Hard.
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(Q): What do I have to do for to make money from bit coin mining?
(A): To make quick money, all you have to do is SIGN UP HERE (this link will open in a new tab.

Once you have signed up and follow the instructions, go to your "home page" and on the far right, you will see "Mining", click on that link and follow the instructions!

make bit coin money tutorial

All that you need to do easy money making opportunity on this site,is simply keep that page's tab open, that is !
For every 100,000 coins that you mine on this safe site, you will be credited money in US funds automatically. That means you can leave it running while you sleep, or while you go out and leave the house!

(Q): How does it work?
(A): You will be selling (not really but renting out) your unused computer processing power by keeping your "bit coin mining" tab open. It will be used to mine a range of cryptocurrencies and we will be converting it into USD in real time for you! If you close this tab, it will stop mining and you will not earn anything.

(Q): Can I still use my PC while this is running?
(A): Yes, you can have other sites open BUT you will need to adjust the speed to a lower number so that your computer does not run too slow.
If you run at a lower speed, you will earn less, but you will still be able to use your PC for other things and do other tasks to earn money. You should only run at full speed when you go to sleep or go out to leave the PC on.

(Q): Will I earn more if I open multiple browser tabs?
(A): No. But you can adjust the speed to use as much processing power as you want. The higher the speed, the more you will earn, but the slower your computer will become.

(Q): Will I earn more if I run this on multiple devices ?
(A): Yes! The more devices you run this on, the more you will be able to earn!
You will get more money in a way shorter period of time.
There is Absolutley NO limit to how much you can earn!

(Q): My computer is running very slow when I have this tab open, why?
(A): Your unused processing power is being used to perform complex calculations to mine cryptocurrencies, due to this, it will slow down your PC and will make it difficult to perform other tasks. You may not be able to play games while running this tab unless you have a powerful PC. Doing so may crash your browser, but you can try anyway to see if your PC can handle it. (

Q): What web browsers are supported with this task?
(A): You can run this on ANY browser but we highly recommend using Chrome as your browser because it is the fastest and most reliable browser.

(Q): How do I earn more money with this task?
(A): Run it on multiple devices (computers) at the highest speed! Leave them running overnight or while you are away from the PC!

(Q): Can I do other tasks while mining?
(A): Yes, but to do this, you should set the speed lower to ensure your device doesn't run too slow (#1), and make sure you keep the mining tab open in a new window.

(Q): I ran the miner on my mobile phone but it keeps stopping, why?
(A): Most mobile devices will not allow you to run the miner in the background. As soon as the tab is minimized, it will stop mining. The only way to keep it running is to keep the tab open and the phone unlocked. You will be far better off running it on a PC, or multiple PC's to earn much more.

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