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Your Guide To Making Free Money From

  As part of our series on "How To Make Free Money Now." We have added this helpful, new page. This page is a complete guide on how to exactly make money by using Blogger. Whenever we have new information, we will update this page.

(1)  If you haven't already, sign up at

(2)  The second step in making free money from is to go to Keyword Research Tool.
Do some research, and try to find a great keyword to base you that you are familiar with.
Make a list of all related keywords and phrases

(3)  Buy a domain (preferably .com) around your main keyword.

(4)  Go to and create a blog using another keyword and direct your domain to that blog.

(5)  Write 5 to 10 articles, each having at least 500 words (the more the better) based around your keyword list. Make sure to add value to Include images

Make Easy Money

Make Easy Money From Doing Surveys

(6)  To make your blog posting better than your competition, use Blogging Hacks

(7)  Make sure the site loads fast and that your blog is mobile compliant.
(Link to check it out Mobile Friendly)

(8)  Now it time to build some back links to your blog. You can start by sharing your blog posting on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and other popular sites.

(9)  Now, pay someone at Fiver for back links. (This is where many go wrong. Not all SEO people provide good back links and you will have to find someone for SEO yourself).

(10)  Next step, best suggestion is study one or five posting on this Backlink Blog and follow the instructions.

(11)  You should be ranking on Google in a month or two.

(12)  If you cannot think of any Amazon or clickbank product to put on your blog with your referral link, then put on AdSense. Or check out a few of the great affilaite sites listed HERE

(13)  Done. Now, you can start earning money per month through AdSense

You can even be an blogger and make extra money almost anywhere in the world.
For a complete list, visit this Page of locations where bloggers make free money