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  Welcome to another way to make free money now by MyWay2Fortune.info. On this page, you will find another profitable way to make extra money online now just by shortening links to go to other sites. Believe it or not, you can get paid by shortening links that go from your site to another, you don't even need a website or blog and you still can make money!

  Earning money with URL Shortener is easy and even possible without even owning your own website or blog. Read below to see how does this actually work?

  A URL shortener is a simple service which allows you to shrink long URLs. After shortening a long website address (URL) you get a short link, which is also referred to as "short URL" or "URL alias".

  In addition to ad-free services (bit.ly is the best known example), there are also URL shortening services that pay money for commercial-ads. The principle is simple: the shortened URL is not immediately linked to the actual target, but firstly shows any kind of advertising. The advertising forms differ from provider to provider.

  Most common forms are interstitials (which is web pages that are displayed before the visitor expected content page) and framed-banner (banner ads in an extra frame). Here are two examples to show exactly what we are talking about:

  Example 1 (Banner in advertising frame): The long URL "http://myway2fortune.info/MakeFreeMoneyFromWriting.html" gets shrinked with the help of Linkbucks (our first suggested URL shortening site) to a much shorter link , "http://52deec70.any.gs" (Check it out, note let the 5 second timer expire and close ad)

  Example 2 (Interstitial): By using the URL-Shortner we shortened the long URL "http://myway2fortune.info/MakeFreeMoneyFromWriting.html" to this short-URL with the help of (our second URL shortening site) to yet another shorter (less character) link (Check it out for yourself, you will see a full page ad before the destination page, just let the timer expire.)

  URL shortener are suitable for webmasters who use many (external) links on their website or blog that they want to make some extra money from. Even if you don't own a website or blog, you can earn money by shortening URLs!  For example, you can shorten your favorite forum posting and post it on Twitter (TM) and any clicks on your posted "Tweet" will earn you money. Another option is posts in forums or guestbooks.

   Below, you will find the best URL shortener to earn extra money with:

(Our First Pick)

You will find our review of Linkbucks.com review below.
  Linkbucks.com The primary (main) reason that we choose Linkbucks.com as our first selection for best URL shortener to make extra money from, is for the following reason.

(1) Alias URLs, which are a variety of different short URLs that you can use!

(2) Not only can you see your own statistics but you can track your stats by using your own google analytics account

(3) You can get paid either from Paypal (TM) or EPassPorte (TM)!  (4) The site is established, Linkbucks was started in late 2005 

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  Like mentioned above, this website is just one way of making extra money online that we have reviewed!

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