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Topics To Write About And Make Money From

Here are some of the topics that you can be making extra money from: 
Alternate Energy Sources Topics like:
Bio Fuel, Geothermal Energy, Hydroelectric Systems, Nuclear Energy, Solar Energy, Wind Energy

Arts and Humanities Topics like:
Books and Authors, Crafts, Dancing, Drawing & Illustration, Genealogy, Graphic Design, Magic & Magicians, News, Mags and Publications, Painting, People & Accomplishments, Performing Arts, Philosophy, Photography, Poetry, Quotes, Rhymes, Sculpture, Theater & Acting, Writing

Autos and Transportation Topics like:
4x4 Vehicles, Aircraft, Alt. Transportation Devices, Auto Repossession, Bicycles, Boats & Boating, Buying & Selling, Car Audio and Video, Car Makes, Driver's License & Permits, Handicap Parking & Permits, Insurance & Registration, Legal Issues, Maintenance & Repairs, Modifications & Customizing , Motorcycles, Parts and Supplies (Automotive), Rail, Safety, Ships & Ocean Liners, Tires & Wheels, Trailers & Campers, Vehicle Specs

Baby and Pregnancy Topics like:
Abortion, Am I pregnant?, Baby Names, Babysitting and Childcare, Birth Control, Breastfeeding, Childhood Illnesses, Infant Issues, Labor & Delivery, Pregnancy Issues, Preparing for Baby, Supplies & Accessories, Toddler Issues, Trying to Conceive, Who's The Father?

Beauty and Style Topics like:
Clothing, Fashion & Accessories, Footwear, Hair, Hats, Caps, Headgear, Jewelry, Makeup, Nails, Perfumes & Colognes, Personal Hygiene and Toiletries, Skin & Body, Tattoos & Body Art

Bridal and Weddings

Accounting, Banking, Bus Liability Insurance, Bus/Vendor's Licenses/Permits, Civil & Law Enforcement, Customer Service, Farming & Agriculture, Import/Export, Manufacturing, Marketing & Advertising, Real Estate, Retail, Sales Tax, Small Business, Starting a Business, Taxes, Tips & Gratuities, Work Relationships

Computer and Electronics
Buy & Sell, Computer Hardware, Computer Terminology, Electronics, Internet, Inventions, Networking, Photoshop, Printers & Scanners, Programming, Security, Software, Troubleshooting, Video Games & Game Consoles, Web Design, Webcams

Construction and Building Tools Topics like:
Architecture, Building Codes, Building Permits, Construction Equipment, Flooring, Forklifts, Heating Ventilating & Air Conditioning, House Remodeling, Maintenance & Repairs, Materials & Costs, Roofing, Safety & OSHA Regulations

Current Events

Custody Topics like:
Child Custody, Child Preferences, Child Support, Grandparents Rights, Informal Custody, Joint Custody, Mediation, Parent Moving, Self-representation (Pro Se), Sole Custody, Visitation Rights

Education Topics like:
Financial Aid, High School, Higher Education (University +), Homework Questions, Libraries, Preschool, Primary and Secondary Education, School Uniforms/Dress Codes, Special Education, Teaching, Testing

Entertainment and Music Topics like:
Bars and Nightlife, Bollywood, Celebrities, Comics, Anime & Manga , Concerts & Events, Lyrics, Movies, Music, Musical Instruments, Slogans-Ads-Commercials, TV

Finance and Investing Topics like:
401k Plans, Bonds, CDs, Collectibles Appraisal & Evaluations , Credit Cards & Loans, Debt Collections, Forex, Identity Theft, IRA accounts, Life Insurance, Philanthropy, Precious Metals, Retirement & Pensions, Savings, Scams & Ripoffs, Stocks, World Currency

Food and Drink Topics like:
Appliances & Utensils, Breakfast, Candy, Sweets & Desserts, Cooking, Dairy Products, Dining Out, Drinks, Entertaining, Fast Food Restaurants, Fruits, Healthy Lifestyle, Herbs, Spices, Condiments, Meat, Fish & Poultry, Recipes, Vegetarian & Vegan

For Fun Topics like:
Astrology, Horoscopes & Fortune Telling, Colors, Ests (Fat,Big,Small,Wide,etc.), Harmless Nonsense, How To, Jokes & Riddles, Random Topics, Trivia

Games and Hobbies Topics like:
Antiques, Birding, Board Games, Card Games, Collecting, Gambling, Guns, Knives, Swords, Bayonets, Needles & Threads, Party Games, Pokemon, Puzzles, Scrap Booking, Toys, Word Games, Yugioh

Health and Fitness Topics like:
Addictions, Aids/HIV, Allergies, Alternative Medicine, Arthritis, Audiology (Hearing), Bipolar Disorder, Cancer, Cosmetic Surgery, Dental, Diabetes, Dietary Supplements, Diets, Disease & Conditions, Drug Interactions/Side Effects, Drugs & Medication, Exercise & Fitness, Fractures/Musculoskeletal, General Health Care, Geriatric, Hair Care, Health Insurance, Heart Disease, Hospitals and Clinics, Medical Specialists, Medicare & Medicaid, Men's Health, Mental Health, Nursing, Nutrition, Optical, OTC Medications & Drugs, Pain Management, Pediatric, Scans & Tests (Medical), Sexual Health, Skincare, Sleeping Issues & Disorders, Smoking, Surgery, Vaccinations & Immunizations, Women's Health

Holiday and Seasonals Topics like:
4th of July, April Fool's Day, Christmas, Cinco de Mayo, Easter, Fall, Father's Day, Halloween, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Labor Day, Leap Yr; Sadie Hawkin's Day, Martin Luther King Day, Memorial Day, Mother's Day, New Year's Eve, Passover, Ramadan, Spring, St. Patrick's Day, Summer, Thanksgiving, Valentine's Day, Veteran's Day, Winter, Yom Kippur

Home and Garden Topics like:
Appliances, Carpeting, China & Flatware, Clocks & Watches, Do It Yourself (DIY), Electricity, Fences & Property Lines, Feng Shui, Fire Safety, Furnaces & Heating Systems, Furniture, Garages, Sheds & Outbuildings, Gardening, Home Improvement, Home Security, House Plants, Household Cleaning, Interior Design, Landscaping & Lawns, Lawn & Yard Equipment, Linens, Maintenance & Repairs, Moving, Pest Control, Plumbing, Recycling, Stoves: Coal-Pellet-Wood, Swimming Pools, Trash & Rubbish Disposal, Utilities (Electricity, Gas & Water) Jobs & Careers Background Checks, Certificates & Licenses, Disability Insurance, Getting A Promotion, Hiring & Firing, Human Resources, Interviewing, Job Training, Professions, Quitting Your Job, Resumes, Salary & Pay Rates, Unemployment Insurance, Work at Home (not online), Work Permits, Work Uniforms / Dress Codes

Legal Topics like:
Adoption, Alimony; Spousal Support, Attorneys & Paralegals, Bail - Bonds, Bankruptcy Law, Business Law, Contracts, Copyright, Courts, CPS FosterCare Guardians, Crime & Criminal Law, Custody, Divorce, Drugs & Alcohol, DUI, Elder Law, Estates & Wills, Extradition, Glossary - Legal & Law, Immigration & Visas, Incarceration, Jails & Prisons, Insurance, Juvenile Criminal Law, Labor & Employment Law, Laws & Regulations, Lawsuits, Legal Forms, Mediation-Arbitration, Notary Public, Personal Injury, Power of Attorney, Probate, Property Law, Real Estate & Property, Self-representation (Pro Se), State Laws, Statutes of Limitations, Supreme Court, Trademarks and Patents, Traffic Court & Tickets, Trials and Juries, US Constitution, Workman's Compensation

Military and Veteran Topics like:
Area 51

Other and Miscellaneous

Pets Topics like:
Birds, Cats, Dogs, Ferrets, Fish, Guinea Pigs, Hamsters, Horses, Pet Health, Primates, Rabbits, Reptiles, Rodents, Services & Supplies, Spiders, Veterinarians

Politics and Government Topics like:
Capital Cities, Civic Participation, Elections, Flags , Gov't Symbols & Emblems, Government, Government Aid Programs, Immigration, International Organizations, Law & Ethics, Law Enforcement and Police, Political Events, Politics, Social Security

Real Estate Topics like:
Appraisal Values, Breaking My Lease, Buying & Selling, Evictions, Foreclosure, Home Owner Assoc, Home Owner Insurance, Landlord Problems, Mortgages & Deeds, Property Tax, Realty Inspections, Renting & Leasing, Roommates, Section 8 Housing, Senior Residences, Tenant Problems, Trailer Homes & Parks Relationships & Family Aging Parent Care, Anniversaries, Basic Advice, Birthdays, Breaking Up, Child Abuse, Death, Cremation & Funerals, Domestic Violence, Family, Friends, Gay & Bisexual (LGBT), Love, Marriage, Neighbors, Parenting & Kids, Relationships at Work, Sex, Singles & Dating, Teenagers, What does it mean if...?

Science and Math Topics like:
Agriculture, Amphibians, Arachnids, Astronomy & Space, Biology, Birds (in nature), Bodies of Water/Waterways, Botany, Chemistry, Earth Sciences & Geology, Ecology, Electricity & Electronics, Engineering, Entomology/Insectology, Gem Stones & Minerals, Geography, Human Anatomy & Physiology, Marine Biology, Mathematics, Medicine, Mollusks, Natural Disasters, Oil Spill Disasters, Paleontology, Physics, Reptiles, Weather, Weights & Measures, Zoology

Shopping Topics like:
Amazon, Auctions, Coupons, Craigslist, Ebay, Flea Markets, Garage & Rummage Sales, Garage Sales & Flea Markets, Malls, Packing, Shipping & Costs, Product Comparisons, Recalls, Supermarkets, Where to Buy, Zip or Postal Codes

Social Sciences Topics like:
American Indian Culture, Anthropology, Dreams, Economics, End of the World Theories, Gender & Women's Studies, History, Language, Mythology, Nobel Peace Prize, Phobias, Psychology, Sociology, Spiritual & Religious, The Great Debates, Theology, UFOs & Paranormal Activity, World Demographics

Sports and Recreation Topics like:
Aerobics, Archery, ATV, Auto Racing, Badminton, Baseball, Basketball, Bicycling, Bowling, Boxing, Cheerleading, Cricket, Extreme Sports, Fantasy Sports, Fencing, Fishing, Football (American), Football (Australian), Football (Canadian), Frisbee, Golf, Gymnastics, Handball, Hockey, Horse Racing, Hunting, Lacrosse, Martial Arts, Motorcycle Racing, Netball, Olympics, Outdoor Recreation, Paintball, Pool & Snooker, Racquetball, Rugby, Running, Skateboarding, Skiing, Soccer (Footbal), Softball, Squash, Surfing, Swimming & Diving, Table Tennis (Ping-Pong), Tennis, Track & Field, Volleyball, Water Sports, Weight Lifting, Winter Sports, Wrestling, Yoga

Taxes Topics like:
1096 Forms, 1099 Forms, 401k, Dependents, Filing Taxes, Personal Taxes, Self Employment Taxes, Small Business Taxes, W2 Forms, W9 Forms


Travel Topics like:
Accommodations, Air Travel, Beaches, Bus & Schedules , Campgrounds & Equip, Cruises, Currency Exchange Rates, Destinations, Finding Cheap Tickets, Luggage & Suitcases, Maps, Passports, Planning, Rental Cars, Road Trips, Taxis & Cabs, Time Share Property, Tourism, Train Travel, Travel Distances & Times, Travel Insurance.

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