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Is it possible to make free and easy extra money at Time Bucks by watching slideshows?
Yes, it is possible to make extra money on that site by doing simple stuff like watching slideshows.
As one of the suggestions from our making free now now site, we have made a page (the one you are on)
Here are our suggested tips to make money on Time Bucks. These tips work for me and they should work for you.

Extra Money Making Tips
For Timebucks

(1) Log into your account. Free Sign Up Here

(2) Then click on "Earn". Since there are a few ways to make extra money there and the easiest and fastest is "View Content". These suggestion are for that opportunity.

(3) Click on "View Content" then "Slideshows"

(4) Do the captha.

(5) A new page will appear, scroll down that page until your see a green "NEXT" with a timer. Unless, you see something that catches your eye, don't click on anything but that button because you are getting paid to view that page only.

(6) Once the timer expires, you will be taken to another similar page. Continue making money there or move onto different opportunity to make money. Or you can call it a day and come back tomorrow.

(7) Try to not cash in your money and save it to buy advertisement on other sites to help you get more referrals! Check out our Top Secret Guide To Getting More Referrals for tips on getting more referrals.
More referrals equal more money because each active referral is not only making money for themselves but also for you!

The others ways to make money on TimeBucks is are:

(a) Installing Apps.
(b) Doing Surveys.,
(c) Playing Games.
(d) Taking Photos.
(e) Watching Videos.
(f) Viewing Content.

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