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Palladium Quiz

How Much Do You Know About Palladium Quiz

  1. When did William Hyde Wollaston discover Palladium ?

  2. What is the largest use of Palladium?

  3. What do you get when you mix small amounts of Palladium with yellow gold?

  4. How many times is Palladuuim rarer than gold?

  5. When was Palladium was first used in jewelry?

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  7. What is the chemical symbol and atomic number of Palladium ?

  8. Palladium is classified as a what kinda of "Metal" and which groups in the Periodic Table are they located in?

  9. In 1967, Tonga issued Palladium general circulation coins commemorating the coronation of what king?

  10. Palladium is how much harder than Platinum by what percentage?

  11. Palladium can absorb up to how many times its own volume of hydrogen.?

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