Rihanna Quiz

Quiz About Rihanna

On this quiz site, we have collected a few easy to hard questions about Rihanna.Challenge yourself or challenge your friends.
Directly below, are the quiz questions!

Rihanna Quiz

How Well Do You Know Rihanna

  1. Did Rihanna ever win a beauty pageant?

  2. Is Rihanna..

  3. What month is Rihanna's birthday?

  4. What was Rihanna’s name at the time of her birth?

  5. What is Rihanna's birth sign?

  6. Make Easy Money
  7. Which was the first Rihanna single to top the Billboard charts?

  8. In what year did Rihanna created her “Believe” foundation to treat the terminally ill children.

  9. Where is Rihanna from?

  10. Rihanna On Amazon

  11. What is the name of Rihanna's first record label?

  12. What is the name of Rihanna's sophomore (second) album?

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