Top Secret Guide To
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  As part of our series on "How To Make Free Fast Money Now." We have added this helpful, new "make more money from" page. This page is a complete guide on how to exactly increase your earnings from Clixsense. This page will be updated regularly.

  As long time members of Clixsense, we know how to make more money from this "GPT" (Get Paid To) site! Where you get paid to visit sites and do offers!

  In order to make we this page successful, (a) we spent a few hours studying this site, (b) did tests using our own money, (more about getting more referrals below) (c) collected the results of our tests and then (d) wrote down what worked and what didn't work and then listed our suggestions (we use them) generating more visits to your affiliate program starting with the best one first.

(1) If you haven't already, Sign up for Clixsense Here!. Make sure to use this guide to get you started making extra cash, right away!

  (2) After, you have logged in, you will notice a big ad on the front page. Unless you are interested in that ad, just close (X) the box.

  (3) You should a "View Ads" button, when you click on this, you will see timed ads. There be a few of them and more if you have a "Premium Membership". Which, we have found is not a bad idea to buy this membership, because by visiting every day, the ads you click on will soon pay for your membership. Faster if you have any active referrals, you will get a percentage of their earnings. With a premium membership, you will get more ads and offers than as a regular member.

  One tip about the timed ads, is that if you leave the page, the timer will stop and continue when you return. Which is a great feature if you are a advertiser, you know that your ads will get viewed.

  (4) Another way to make a little extra cash is buying doing offers. Depending on which country that you live in, there will be more available offers for some countries over others.

  (5) The final way to make cash there is by clicking on the "ClixGrid" where you have a chance of winning money by clicking on the right image.

To Get More Referrals
And Increase Your Downline!

  Referrals also known as your down line or also as your affiliates. They are simply people that sign up under your referral link. We, have written a very informative and helpful Guide to Using Traffic Exchanges

More Of The Paying Sites
That We Belong Too
And Make Extra Money From

  Of course our main site, Make Free Money Now has more information and suggestions!
To save you time, here are the banners or links to the sites that we promote!

The first two sites listed are our main money maker sites. The rest are the sites that we use to promote those two sites.Note we only sign up for sites that pay well and are easy to use!

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The Best Traffic Exchange
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