Top Secret Guide For
Using Traffic Exchanges

  As part of our series on "How To Make Free Fast Money Now." We have added this helpful, new page. This page is a complete guide on how to exactly get more traffic to your site by using traffic exchanges properly. This page will be updated regularly.

  In order to make we this page successful, (a) we researched different sites, (b) did tests using our own money, (c) collected the results of our tests and then (d) wrote down then listed our suggestions (we use them) generating more visits to your affiliate program starting with the best one first.

(1)   Sign up for two or more traffic exchange sites. Since this page is our experience using traffic exchanges to get more traffic and sign up (affiliates), we will use the following sites that we are familiar with. (a)  Traffic Swarm Exchange (b)  Traffic G Traffic Exchange

(2)  Sign up for first site, provide all necessary information and spend some time getting to know the site. Don't do anything but visit the different pages that are available and get a feel of the site!

(3)   Copy your "referral link" and put it somewhere that you can find later on.

(4)  Sign up for your second site. Do like you did on the first site that you signed up for, familiarizing yourself with the site.

(5)  Decide which will be your main site! This will be the site that you should spend most of your time on (at least on the start)

6)  Find where you can add your links

7)  Add your (a) your main site and or your main affiliate offer.
(b) add your referral link, that you copied from site one (traffic exchange)

8)  If you have a promoting budget, either invest in credits (visits). When credits have been added, decide on a percentage of credits which will be applied to each site.

If you have no budget,spend some time earning credits (visits)! Earn more than the amount than you allotted for visits per day. This is important because you might want to take a day or two.

(9)  Do the above getting more traffic to your affiliate link (or site) until you have enough people (downline/sign up) that are earning you credits to change the ratio of visits between your two sites (or more but not recommended until your down line earn all the visits that you need.

Best Paying Sites That We Promote
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To save you time, here are the banners or links to the sites that we promote!

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