Top Secret Guide To
Viking Hits Traffic Exchange

This secret guide to to using Viking Hits to your advantage page, is part of our How To Make Free Money Now series of advanced extra money making tips!

The main advantages to this traffic exchange site is

You sure won't get rich fast from this site but you can make extra money by

  1. "Battling" against another Viking Hits Members! If you surf the most pages during the battle days (Wednesday and Saturday), you will wins the battle and have a cash prize added to your account!
  2. Visiting other members sites (no this is separate than the surf part), to find this option (after signing in), click on "Guaranteed Hits", you will see some timed links to click on to make extra money on this sites. Usually the first link is " Buy Advertising Here" "

Advanced Traffic Generating Success Tip

The Best Traffic Exchange
Easy Hits

  We mentioned earlier about how we use Viking Hits for our advanced strategy! Well, by using Viking Hits and Easy Hits (sign up if you are not already a member together), we have optimized our time promoting our sites and recieving more traffic to them!

(1)  The first step in this strategy is to open up "Easy Hits" and sign in, from now on, we will refer to this site as "Site A"!

(2)  The second step in this strategy is to open up "Viking Hits" in a new window and sign in, we will refer to this site as "Site B"!

(3)  The third step is to open up Site A and click on "start surfing".

(4)  The fourth step is to immediately open up Site B and click on "surf now". Click on four timed ads (remember they are five seconds each).

(5)  For the fifth step, go back Site A and click on a matching image. Since you have twenty seconds to spare go back to step 4 and click on 4 separate timed ads.

(6)  The sixth step, is to continue with step 4 and 5 as long as possible!

Now the above tips have been tested and have great results! Only downfall is that they are kinda of a "loop hole" (nothing illegal or blackhat or something that you will lose your account over), but sooner or later, one of the sites will "close this loophole" especially if the administer comes across this secret guide!

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